Tech Career Search
At Tech Career Search, our objective is to match the best possible candidates to our client company's needs. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations.


What we do

We focus on technical positions in technology sectors that we have direct experience in. We believe that is where we add the most value.


What you should expect from Tech Career Search

  • You should expect an understanding of the position requirements, the marketplace, competitors, customers and growth strategy.
  • You should expect that presented candidates/positions will be screened by technical recruiters who have held, or, have worked with co-workers that have held similar positions in the real world.
  • You should expect that the candidate's career expectations reflect the client's requirements.


Our opportunities are primarily in:


    3G & 4G


    Mixed Signal/Analog
    Power Electronics
    Power Supply
Emerging Technologies
    Renewable Energy
    Solar Power
    Battery Technology
Typical positions we recruit for are:


    CTO, VP Engineering
    Product Engineer
    System Engineer
    Quality Management
    Product Management
    Sales Management
    Product Marketing