Exceeding Your Expectations
At Tech Career Search, our objective is to match the best possible candidates to our client company's needs. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations.

At Tech Career Search, we understand the difference between matching a few key-words against a candidate's resume and finding a candidate that can make an impact on your organization and have a beneficial result to your bottom line.

Let's face it, using a recruiter can be a major investment. You deserve more than just having your position posted on social media sites where the responding resumes are forwarded to you for screening. Didn't you think the recruiter was going to do the screening? How much time and valuable resources are wasted? At Tech Career Search, we believe that we should understand a candidate's resume; it is more than just a collection of key-words. Based upon our recruiter's technical knowledge and in depth understanding or your company and technology sector we will only present candidates that we believe represents an ideal candidate. We believe it is not the volume of candidates that we present for your consideration but the quality of the candidates presented.


What we do

We focus on technical, sales, marketing and operational positions in technology sectors that we have direct experience in. We believe that is where we add the most value.


How we do it

We get to know the culture of your organization. We believe that technical knowledge is import, but, equally as important is that the candidate will fit in. For example, often it takes a different type of person to work in a start-up company than a large corporation.

We match your requirements against our in-house database as well as social media, industry contacts and fundamental research. We do not stop until we find the right person.

We are continuously improving our recruiting techniques as social media changes and how people like to be communicated to evolves.


What you should expect from Tech Career Search

  • You should expect an understanding of your position requirements, your marketplace, competitors, customers and growth strategy.
  • You should expect that presented candidates will be screened by technical recruiters who have held, or, have worked with co-workers that have held similar positions in the real world.
  • You should expect that the candidate's career expectations reflect your requirements.


    3G & 4G


    Mixed Signal/Analog
    Power Electronics
    Power Supply
Emerging Technologies
    Renewable Energy
    Solar Power
    Battery Technology
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